VersaSuite Partners with the Largest Laboratory Middleware Company in the World

January 22, 2015 – South Burlington, VT

VersaSuite is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Data Innovations LLC, the world’s largest laboratory middleware company. Through this powerful middleware solution, VersaSuite’s customers will now be able to utilize its Lab Information System for connecting laboratory instruments.

“Data Innovations is excited to begin our Journey with VersaSuite. Together, we can offer laboratories a complete solution to help meet all their clinical needs, with the ultimate benefit to the patients,” said Mike Epplen, CEO at Data Innovations.

“VersaSuite is extremely proud to have partnered with Data Innovations. This partnership emphasizes our long standing commitment of continually improving the best care possible for our clients,’ said P. Scott Leach, VP of Sales and Marketing at VersaSuite. “Since VersaSuite’s inception 20 years ago, our mission statement has always been to partner with the best and most cutting edge healthcare technology companies. Our partnership with Data Innovations underscores that tradition.”

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