Vancouver Coastal Health Case Study

Vancouver Coastal Health Case Study

Achieving 95% Autoverification Levels in Hematology

Vancouver General Hospital, an 800 bed academic health science center, has several programs and specialities. They were under pressure with labor shortages, shrinking budgets and growing volumes which is why they decided to pursue autoverification in hematology. Data Innovations offered an autoverification solution through Instrument ManagerTM which allowed them to:

  • Reduce reporting errors
  • Minimize misinterpretation of results handling
  • Significantly reduce turn-around time
  • Achieve a paperless Hematology workspace

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The Profile


Academic Health Science


Sunquest Laboratory




1200 CBC's daily


800 Beds


  • Trauma Center
  • Leukemia & Bone Marrow Transplant
  • Solid Organ Transplant Center
  • Neurosurgery


Sysmex / Cellavision


Key Takeaways

  • Autoverification
    • Hematology: 95% (Sysmex)
    • Autoimmune: 100% (Luminex)
    • Coagulation: 90%+ (ACL Tops)
  • 34% Reduction in turn-around time
  • Special Rules
    • Rules for specialty Areas
    • Rules LIS could not do
    • Critical callback
    • Second level review
  • Changed instruments
    • 1 to 2 days to change rules

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