Marion General Case Study

Marion General Case Study

Utilizing Autoverification to Streamline Laboratory Workflow

Marion General Hospital was looking for ways to handle the increasing number of specimens needing testing with the already lean number of staff. MGH knew that replacing older instrumentation with new and more efficient machines would be part of the answer. They turned to Data Innovations Instrument Manager to help them make the most of their new instruments. MGH was able to achieve over 90% autoverification and improve all aspects of their workflow and efficiency.

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The Profile


Hospital with 3 satellite laboratories

and various draw sites


Chemistry / Immunochemistry


600 samples per day


99 beds


Ortho Clinical




MEDITECH Client/Server

Key Takeaways

  • Achieved over 90% autoverification
    • Techs now able to take on additional responsibilities
    • Samples tested more efficiently
  • 14% reduction in turnaround time for patient results
  • Increased capacity and increased testing volume
  • Increased in-house testing menu
    • Added 3 new tests previously sent to outside reference lab
  • Expanded to hematology

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